Are You Eating Enough?

Many people think that the only way to lose weight is to starve themselves. There are SO many diets out there that include restricting your diet so heavily that you constantly feel hungry. WHO wants to be on a diet where you feel hungry all the time? More so, who wants to be on a DIET in general!?

Fun fact: You don’t actually need to starve yourself to lose weight. Feed yourself, people!! 

I have been one of those people. I have eaten far less than what I should. And not only that, I haven’t been eating the RIGHT things either! Well, it’s a lot easier than you think to make sure you eat the right things, and enough of them to help you along your fitness journey.


What are these? There are three macro-nutrients, Fat, Carbohydrates and Protein. Fat has 9 calories per gram, while carbs and protein have 4 calories per gram.

IIFYM (If it fits your macros) is my absolute favorite macro calculator. You input your gender, height, weight, activity level and goals (if you want to lose weight, maintain or bulk) and it calculates how many calories I need in order to achieve my goal, and it breaks it down by macro group. For example, my macros are below:


So now that you have the macros down, how do you determine what to put into your meals?


What is your schedule like? When do you like to eat? Do you do intermittent fasting? Do you like to have three main meals or six small meals? It doesn’t matter what you like, it’s just important that you can figure out your meal schedule so that you can plan your meals accordingly.

Example of a full day of meals for me:

  • Breakfast – 1 C Steel Cut Oats with Cinnamon, 1 Med Banana
  • Lunch – 6 oz Grilled Chicken breast, 1 C White Rice, 2 C spinach cooked, 1/4 Onion sliced
  • Snack – Protein Shake
  • Dinner – Spinach Salad with Tuna, Tomatoes and Avocado. 1 tsp Italian Dressing

So much food right here!!! And it all fits inside my macros. The key is to make sure you are eating the RIGHT things, and it should align with your macro goals.

Xo, Dev

Me… Basically

Hey, I’m Devynne. People call me Dev. Mostly because they can’t figure out how to pronounce my name at first (tip: it’s Dev-in). I’m new to this blogging thing, but I needed an outlet. So I figured my outlet can be your win-let… get it?

I’m 24, going on 50?? I guess I’m not your average young adult- I left the bar scene back in 2015. I’m an adventurous soul…. a go-getter. I have an awesome boyfriend, Wesley, and a pretty cool dog. His name is Jax.. Wesley thinks we named him after a character from Mortal Combat (WHY would I ever do that? I don’t know!), but really he was named after Jax from Sons of Anarchy. He’s a German Shepherd for all you animal lovers out there; he’s tan and as built like wolf, but has a heart of GOLD. We even tried to put him in canine training (boyfriend is a police officer) but he got kicked out because he didn’t have any aggressive attributes. I’m okay with that though, because now I have the sweetest dog on Earth. He’s my best friend. Having an animal as a best friend is totally acceptable, I promise.

I love food, fitness, travel and… food. Food is the basis of life, at least for me it is. I grew up with my own make-believe restaurant stemming out of the kitchen in my mom’s house, and every night I would create a new menu made up from whatever was in the pantry and deliver it to my family. I called it the ‘Kovacks Diner.’ I always said it in a Southern accent, and wore my grandmothers apron swinging my hips around like I was a true Southern housewife. Imagine: A little 8-year-old Devynne with short brown hair, who had grown up in New Hampshire for most of her life wishing… WISHING that she was a Southern housewife with her own diner. Not most kids dreams, right? Well it was mine. That’s where my love of food began. Fast forward 10 years I went to college to get my Culinary degree. Worked in a few well known kitchens, including a Disney World Signature Restaurant and then I realized – it’s not all it’s cracked up to be! I’m talking about cooking, of course. So I quit. That’s how I got here, to the corporate world. It’s good pay, great schedule and good benefits. I guess that’s the practicality of it.

Fitness is something I got into in 2015. That’s when I moved down to Georgia and ate too much fried chicken… it was worth it though #foodie. Then I went to Las Vegas and had just a little bit too much to drink. Once I got out of my drunken (hungover) state of mind I looked back at the pictures and realized I had become quite a little chub! Soon after, I started following programs and came to the realization that the gym is filled with more than just treadmills. Who knew?! It’s been 2 years since I picked up the gym weights and dropped the belly weight (40 pounds of it!) and I feel SO GOOD.

Here’s to full bellies and buns of steel!

xo, Dev