The transformation

Some of you may be wondering "who is this girl and why should I even listen to her?"

Completely understandable. There are so many food and fitness pages out there for you to go to, so why stay on mine??

I used to be decently in shape, I mean, I was skinny fat. You know.. when you look like you're in shape but you don't have much muscle you're just skinny. All through the high school and college that's how I would describe myself. I wasn't happy with my body, but I sure as heck wasn't unhappy. I looked good in my clubbing clothes and that's all that mattered at that time. You know how it goes.

So then I moved from Rhode Island to Georgia. Best move I've ever made. But guess what there's a ton of in Georgia that there isn't in Rhode Island?? FRIED CHICKEN. Plus I wanted to make some friends so ultimately I ended up drinking, a lot. Then in met my boyfriend, Wesley. He's amazing, but he likes Taco Bell for dinner. You see where I'm going with this?

Life kind of just snowballed into a high caloric, sedentary lifestyle. I was happy with my new life, but I quickly became unhappy with my body. October 2015 I decided to change my lifestyle. I called off drinking, started making my meals at home and headed to the gym.

Now, I went to school for culinary so I have a ton of nutrition knowledge just sitting in my brain. That made it so much easier to get a head start on how to get the right nutrition and calories into my body. That's what I'm want to be sharing with you. Food is delicious, it's comforting and it makes you feel good… but it's also a fuel. You need to ensure you're eating the RIGHT ones so that your body stays happy.

On the fitness side of things I started by following a few different guides, some body building programs, and did a TON of research. I started learning what worked for my body and began creating my own training regime. I feel as though I'm very knowledgeable but there is still so much to learn on that front.

So here I am, its august 2017 and I'm ready to show the world my transformation. I'm ready to tell everyone about my experience- the good, the bad and the ugly. Im here to share my knowledge and hopefully gain some more from you!

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Xo, Dev

The Basics of Meal Prepping


It’s Monday morning. You wake up late, your hair is a mess, you rush to take a quick shower and throw it up in a bun. Frantically, you are running around the bedroom throwing clothes on without a care of whether your socks match or not. You snatch your purse from the counter and run to the car.  Glancing down at your watch you think to yourself, 9am meeting? I’m pushin’ it. You pull out of the driveway and *phew!* you’re on your way to work. As you start driving you remember, “Oh my goodness I didn’t have time to make breakfast AND I didn’t pack a lunch!!!” *sigh*


Sounds like a familiar scenario, huh? It’s happened to me… A lot. And I am sure that it has happened to you, too. If it hasn’t – you must be some sort of God and I’d like to know your secret. But for those of you that have experienced this type of Monday morning, read below.

Imagine if there were a different outcome for this situation. Imagine if – though you were running late- you had breakfast and lunch already prepared and all you had to do was grab them from the fridge and go. Imagine if these were healthy meals. You’d be a lot less stressed out on that morning car ride, a lot less HUNGRY, and you would feel more prepared to take on the day.

Well, guess what? I am here to help you make that happen! The solution: Meal Prepping.

For me, Sunday nights are my nights. They help me prepare for the upcoming week and really let me feel like I’ve got my life in order. I lead a crazy busy life – My 9-5 job often turns into a 7am-7pm job.. add in my hour commute, taking care of my dog, making it to the gym 5 days a week and oh yeah, having a social life? I don’t have children right now, but for those of you that do I can only imagine how hectic your schedules are. Meal Prepping will help check one thing off of your long list of to-do’s.

First, check your calendar. What’s going on this week? Dinner with a client? Your sons soccer game? Family outing with the in-laws? Know which days you need to prepare for, and those you don’t.

Look in the pantry and see what you have on hand. Then pick out some recipes that you love. Need some ideas? I’ve included some below. To make it easier, make them in bulk so you can have the same meal 2-3 times. Maybe dinner with the family on Monday night and lunch leftovers the next. Generally speaking meats and poultry will last around 3-4 days, while rice and pastas will last 3-5 days. Jot down a list and head to your local grocery store.

Once you’ve got all the foodies – you can decide what to make now, and what to make later. Maybe you want to make 2 days worth of food and cook again on Wednesday- That’s what I do to ensure I have fresh food the entire week.

Prep the foodies. Wash and cut your fruits and veggies. Cook and brown your meats. Cook your rice and pastas.

Once they are done and cooled, split it all up into Tupperware. You can get them anywhere! It can be as simple as Gladware – or portion control containers with separate compartments. I order mine from Amazon.


  1. Go in with a plan
  2. Take an hour NOW to save multiple hours LATER
  3. Portion control
  4. Stick to fresh, healthy ingredients
  5. Make delicious meals so that you are more apt to eat them

Remember: Crock pots are amazing. Good Tupperware will save you. Keep Ziploc bags for the little things. Lunchboxes will hold you together.

Now, Mondays wont be so hard! You’ll have quick, healthy (and I forgot to mention CHEAP) meals at your fingertips!


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Do weights make you bulky?

“I don’t want to lift weights because I don’t want to be bulky. I want to keep my girlish figure” – my friend says the other day at an interval training class.

I can’t even begin to talk about how often ladies will say this. There seems to be some misconception that the moment you pick up a dumbbell you’ll walk out of the gym looking like The Hulk.

Let’s talk through this. Bulk; it’s subjective. Everyone has their own perfect image of what type of body they’d like to have and anything above that is viewed as “fat” or in some cases “bulky muscle.” For me, I prefer to be strong, I don’t strive for the skinny arm or the thigh gap. Some girls do. I also don’t strive for big gluts and hamstrings. Other girls do. My goal is to feel healthy. To be happy with myself, my body and the way that I feel when I wake up in the morning. The image that comes with that is icing on the cake.

Another favorite quote of mine is “I don’t want to build more muscle. I just want to tone the muscle that I have.” 

Muscle is muscle. There is no difference between bulky muscle and lean muscle. “Lean muscle” is just muscle that has less body fat surrounding it and thus looks to be more defined. Building muscle will burn more calories, and even burn calories when you are not working out – thus continuing to burn the fat. Repeat: building some muscle WILL help burn calories and LOSE fat. *Cough* toning *cough.*

Muscle toning is muscle building, but muscle building isn’t necessarily muscle toning. Say WHAT?

Anytime you increase your muscle tone, you will increase your muscle size. But when you increase muscle size, you are not necessarily increasing your tone. WHY? Because in order to see the muscle definition, you need to have less body fat. Not really the case in terms of how large your muscles actually are.

Fun fact: Many fit, active women have a 6 pack. Many of those same women have a layer of fat covering said 6 pack (guilty as charged!)

In order to truly bulk, it requires serious strength training, lots of time and dedication and putting your muscles through hypertrophy. You will have to go beyond the initial toning in order to build. See below for the process of muscle growth.

Hypertrophy: the enlargement of tissue through growth of its cells. This is different than cells growing in number, Hyperplasia. As adults, we can’t produce NEW cells. We can however change the size of those cells, thus supporting our “muscle growth.”

Image result for hypertrophy

So, if lifting isn’t bad for women.. Where do we start?

Great question!

First step: Go to the gym. If you don’t want to go to the gym (god forbid Carol from the PTA sees you working up a sweat), buy a set of weights from Dicks Sporting Goods and start at home. Once you feel comfortable lifting at home, you’re gonna want to go to the gym for more equipment!

Second Step: Take charge of your body. Do some bicep curls, some lat raises or dumbbell rows.. Whatever it is just pick up the darn weights. Start basic. Get to know your body and what you are comfortable with.

Third Step: Once you are comfortable, push yourself. Do an extra rep. Increase your weights. Try a new exercise.

So go grab a dumbbell, grow some muscle, be a boss ass babe and ROCK your workouts! You’ll find it will help no matter what image you are working towards.

Xo, Dev

Me… Basically

Hey, I’m Devynne. People call me Dev. Mostly because they can’t figure out how to pronounce my name at first (tip: it’s Dev-in). I’m new to this blogging thing, but I needed an outlet. So I figured my outlet can be your win-let… get it?

I’m 24, going on 50?? I guess I’m not your average young adult- I left the bar scene back in 2015. I’m an adventurous soul…. a go-getter. I have an awesome boyfriend, Wesley, and a pretty cool dog. His name is Jax.. Wesley thinks we named him after a character from Mortal Combat (WHY would I ever do that? I don’t know!), but really he was named after Jax from Sons of Anarchy. He’s a German Shepherd for all you animal lovers out there; he’s tan and as built like wolf, but has a heart of GOLD. We even tried to put him in canine training (boyfriend is a police officer) but he got kicked out because he didn’t have any aggressive attributes. I’m okay with that though, because now I have the sweetest dog on Earth. He’s my best friend. Having an animal as a best friend is totally acceptable, I promise.

I love food, fitness, travel and… food. Food is the basis of life, at least for me it is. I grew up with my own make-believe restaurant stemming out of the kitchen in my mom’s house, and every night I would create a new menu made up from whatever was in the pantry and deliver it to my family. I called it the ‘Kovacks Diner.’ I always said it in a Southern accent, and wore my grandmothers apron swinging my hips around like I was a true Southern housewife. Imagine: A little 8-year-old Devynne with short brown hair, who had grown up in New Hampshire for most of her life wishing… WISHING that she was a Southern housewife with her own diner. Not most kids dreams, right? Well it was mine. That’s where my love of food began. Fast forward 10 years I went to college to get my Culinary degree. Worked in a few well known kitchens, including a Disney World Signature Restaurant and then I realized – it’s not all it’s cracked up to be! I’m talking about cooking, of course. So I quit. That’s how I got here, to the corporate world. It’s good pay, great schedule and good benefits. I guess that’s the practicality of it.

Fitness is something I got into in 2015. That’s when I moved down to Georgia and ate too much fried chicken… it was worth it though #foodie. Then I went to Las Vegas and had just a little bit too much to drink. Once I got out of my drunken (hungover) state of mind I looked back at the pictures and realized I had become quite a little chub! Soon after, I started following programs and came to the realization that the gym is filled with more than just treadmills. Who knew?! It’s been 2 years since I picked up the gym weights and dropped the belly weight (40 pounds of it!) and I feel SO GOOD.

Here’s to full bellies and buns of steel!

xo, Dev